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Induce carbon footprint platform on Dec'2015
Release Time: 2015/12/19 10:23:04

    Induce carbon footprint platform on Dec'2015

     Committee of Experts on Climate Change Government (IPCC) noted that the average global temperature continues to rise, the increasingly significant signs of climate change, if not stop, it will seriously affect the human environment. As more and more enterprises begin to focus on their own low-carbon manufacturing to demonstrate social responsibility. Within many industries outstanding enterprises started from the beginning of product design source, reduce the product's entire life cycle GHG emissions. In November 2015, in response to customer requirements, our company from December 2015 Code, the company commissioned a good platform for introducing carbon footprint.

Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint (carbon footprint), it marked the "carbon consumption" of a person or group. "Carbon" is the natural resources of carbon atoms of oil, coal, wood and the like. "Carbon" is much more consumption, leading to the culprit of global warming, "carbon dioxide" also makes much more "carbon footprint" on the big, otherwise the "carbon footprint" is small.
What is the "carbon footprint"? "Carbon footprint" from an English word "Carbon Footprint". Wikipedia about the word explanation: A carbon footprint is the total amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases emitted over the full life cycle of a product or service analogy, a person driving a car on the road turn around and then. leaving a carbon footprint. Overall "carbon footprint" refers to a person's energy awareness and behavior of the natural world
Carbon footprint urgent warnings of climate change
Everyone has their own carbon footprint, which refers to the greenhouse gas emissions of each person, with carbon dioxide as the standard calculations. The concept of the image of the "footprint" as the metaphor, explained that each of us have left their mark in the sky increasing greenhouse gases.

A person's carbon footprint can be divided into a first and second carbon footprint carbon footprint. The first carbon footprint is due to the use of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels directly, such as a regular travel by plane more people will first carbon footprint, for an airplane flight will consume a lot of fuel, emit large amounts of carbon dioxide. The second carbon footprint is carbon dioxide resulting from the use of various products and indirect emissions, such as a bottle of plain bottled water consumption, due to emissions from its production and transportation process produces brought a second carbon footprint.

Thus, the carbon footprint related to many factors. However, not difficult to calculate the carbon footprint, many sites offer a special "carbon footprint calculator", simply enter the relevant circumstances, you can calculate the carbon footprint of an activity, it can also calculate the total carbon footprint of your year. Carbon footprint, the larger the global warming that you have to bear responsibility.

The proposed carbon footprint is to make people aware of the urgency of tackling climate change. For example, if you use 100 kWh, that is equal to you about 78.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions need to plant a tree to offset; if your car consumes 100 liters of gasoline, about 270 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions need to plant three trees to offset.


Carbon footprint
Global carbon dioxide reduction campaign, the construction of the future of low-carbon society.

1January 12th, 2007 by tanzuji
Committee of Experts on Climate Change Government (IPCC) noted that the average global temperature continues to rise, the increasingly significant signs of climate change, if not stop, it will seriously affect the human environment.
To mitigate climate change and reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, the Kyoto Protocol on 16 February 2005 entered into force - requires reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, is a global trend, an age limit on carbon emissions has come.
The construction of the future [low carbon] social and economic development, in addition to counting on technological innovation and institutional reform, the fundamental solution than the people [reductions consciousness] awakening ─ humans must use the planet's resources from the endless pursuit of material comforts lifestyle, return to [care environment, the simple life] a new attitude to life, and then to lead the industry toward more cost-effective, and environmentally harmonious design development.
Currently carbon dioxide reductions in all types of sports surging around the world, including:
1. The European Union (You Control Climate Change),
2. Canada one ton of carbon challenge (One-Tonne hallenge),
3. Japan to prevent global warming National Movement (Eco-Family),
The British non-carbon city (Zero Carbon City),
5. The US Energy Star program (ENERGY STAR / eeBuildings), etc.
These activities are designed to diversify the activities, inviting all sectors of government agencies, business bodies, and other enthusiastic participation of civil society organizations, to attract people from their own lives as small, thereby bringing about social change patterns.

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