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The advantages of Al material Heatsink
Release Time: 2015/12/19 10:45:30

Aluminum materials (including aluminum and aluminum alloy) do radiator, and other materials which are more advantages: for example, energy efficiency, materials, decorative, price, weight, etc., other. Efficient thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy, is the best medium to maintain good heat dissipation determinants and thermal energy conversion. Features are: use when less heat, high efficiency. Lightweight and clever, ease of processing is a major feature. The same size of the radiator, steel radiator weight aluminum is 1/3. Aluminum radiator is the lightest, handling and easy installation in a variety of radiator, while its good thermal conductivity, heat capacity, heat is also fast, high-strength metal heat, because it is easy extrusion, will squeeze into various shapes radiator, so the appearance of new and beautiful, decorative and strong. After the alumina due to the formation of alumina is the best protection film to avoid it further oxidation, so it is not afraid of oxidation corrosion, welcome affordable popular working-class. Aluminum radiator, which good thermal conductivity, high pressure, high metal heat intensity. Our company produces aluminum radiator 2A600-6 and by the National Testing Center metal heat intensity 2.277W / Kg ℃, while iron 0.4W / Kg ℃ steel 0.76W / Kg ℃, copper and aluminum 1.728W / Kg ℃, aluminum heat dissipation, heat dissipation, efficiency is the most important feature of aluminum radiators, the appearance of electrostatic spray, beautiful colors, good decoration. The overall assessment is: integrated production does not pollute the environment, does not pollute the water. Heat intensity is four times the casting angle. Light weight is one-tenth of cast iron. Nice, small room occupied space, environmental protection and energy saving. China's development is in line with the radiator, "light, efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving" character requirements.

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