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The advantages of Al-alloy process technology
Release Time: 2015/12/19 10:46:17

Aluminum shell processingVery popular now, for the advantages of aluminum shell processing, mainly the following aspects:

  After an easy processing of alloy elements must be obtained forged an outstanding feature of forged aluminum or processing of plastic deformation of aluminum alloy.
Second, the thermal conductivity and good electrical and thermal conductivity functions of aluminum second only to silver, copper and gold.

Third, the high-intensity strength high aluminum and aluminum alloys. After a certain level of cold working can enhance the matrix strength, aluminum and some trademark can also be strengthened through heat treatment.
Fourth, the density of aluminum and aluminum alloy density near to 2.7g /, about 1/3 of iron or copper.
Aluminum alloy shell based on a variety of materials made of aluminum alloy shell, due process convenient, high flexibility, high level, can effectively improve value-added goods, to be widely used in the electronics profession, usually containing aluminum shell and aluminum die-cast housing.

Aluminum shell was stretched on aluminum obtained aluminum machined housing, high flexibility, depth can be arbitrarily cut, usually have internal circuit board slot, as long as the circuit board can be inserted directly, without further fixed-line, speed is unmatched by other varieties of shell, but the aluminum shell is usually relatively poor water resistance, inappropriate and in harsh field environments local use.

Aluminum die-cast housing selection a casting technology, with water proof characteristic, suitable outdoor use, but the price is high, low flexibility, big and small scale changes can only rely on correcting mold to achieve.

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